Monday, March 9, 2009

Great Sunny Days!

We went on a family bike ride with my mom and brother and Matthew captured some great pictures. When we got there we ate some lunch and got out and Braxton had leaked all over his pants!!! So much for pull ups being absorbent! so we changed him into Reagans diaper which was all we had and let him run around without pants on!

Good thing it was warm outside.

We had so much fun playing soccer,

playing on the playground

and walking around. Hopefully we can do many more of these days in the future!

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Jed and Leona said...

i am so jealous you guys can play outside and not come back in with cold hands! i can't wait for it to get warmer.
looks like you guys had so much fun! i'm planning on coming down in june (candi graduates). (i know it's a ways away, but just so you know!)