Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We Moved

Well, I guess it is time for an update.  every so often I get a bump form a friend to update this.  so I am updating it!  This will be short and sweet.  We moved to Fullerton CA about 2 months ago.  Matthew is attending Law school so we moved here for him to start school.  It has been an adventure, but it has also been a lot of firsts.  Iw ill save most of them for a later post, but I wanted to be sure you get something up with a few updated pics of the sweet babies in my house.

I have struggled with finding joy in all of this, but I am starting to find silver linings here and there that have made all the difference.  I hope I can learn to love it here.  That despite all the crazy southern Californians I will be able to find the small things to make me happy!

A small thing that happened not to long ago is that I got to meet bob from Biggest loser.  Nice guy!  Wish I could have worked out with him!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Ok, Ok, I'll update it!

I got a rare moment this morning to sit down and type for a few minutes.  I am taking a small break from The Sassy Saver to get my life back under control.  A lot has happened to make life crash down and I had to pull way back to basics to get it back to where it needs to be.

First off, I am pregnant with #3!!!  I am just over 10 weeks and already starting to show a bit.  That kind of scares me because Matthew was 10 lb when he was born and if I am showing it may mean big baby!  But we will see.  We are so excited and I should have the baby sometime the end of September, beginning of October.  I have been really sick with this one.  Worse of any kid.  so I have spent a lot of time not taking care of the house and just taking care of the kids and myself.  Matthew has done as much as he could while working 2 jobs and studying for the LSAT.  I am grateful for what he has done as it has kept the house functioning.

Braxton is now 3 1/2 and a super smart little guy.  He is starting to work on his writing and spelling.  He loves it.  He is also great at playing with Reagan.  They love each other and are best friends.  I am so grateful for that as sometimes when kids are as close in age they don't like to play with each other.  you kind of have a 50/50 chance when you have them that close, especially when they are boy and girl.

Reagan is almost 2...I can't believe that.  where did the last year go?  I am beginning to think I blinked and missed it, life got so busy.   She is a crazy one.  She loves to sing and dance and is great at both already.  She is a climber and climbs on everything including the table.  She loves bubble baths and everything girl.  She is the total opposite of me, so I've had to work hard to learn about girly things.

This last week both kids have come down with bronchitis and we have been shut inside until we could get the anti-biotics working.  It has been nice, but so boring at times.  I am so tired of TV and movies, but the kids have both had high fevers and coughing and choking fits that it is all we can do at the moment to keep them still.  They are loving it, but I think getting tired of not going outside.  It was raining when they both got sick but now the sun is out and it has been rather pretty so I know they are longing for it.  Can't wait until it done and we can go back to real life!

Here is an updated picture of each of them so you can see how much they have grown.

Matthew and I took a trip to DC the end of last year without kids.  It was nice, but we got so tired of walking around DC by the end of the trip.  So I told Matthew next kidless trip we take ( which will be in like 5 or 6 years at least) must be a cruise or something where we just sit and enjoy life and have everything done for us.  A relaxing trip.  Can't wait!

So that is kind of where we are at the moment with life.  Sorry for not updating this more for those who read it.  I hope to do it more, but am not promising anything!  That way I can't break my promises and let you all down.  Hope your all well!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Braxton's New Bike

Braxtons beloved tricycle finally bit the dust.  He was so sad and we were too.  we were hoping to keep it for Reagan to ride when she gets  bit bigger.  But we had to get soethng to replace it because B is obsessed with bikes!
So we got him THIS

His very own "real Bike!"  We got it while he was napping so he would wake up to it and he was so excited!  He loves to ride bikes and is so good at it for a 2 year old.  I never thought a 2 year old could ride a bike like that!
We went out right away and we now ride a couple days a week!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Juice Box Jungle

I am not sure if you have noticed or not but I now have a really neat video player on the right hand side bar.  This is to a site named Juice Box Jungle.  I LOVE that site.  It is a parenting site that is real.  It has topics that are sometimes controversial, but really need to be talked about with parents.  Parents, I think, sometimes see everyone else as a perfect parent, but really I think we all have the same concerns and dreams for our kids.
Take a look at the video on there and tell me what your thinking about.  When I saw it I thought of myself and how I think of my kids.  I wondered how if I was sometimes one of those moms that brags about her kids.  They are just so smart (right??).
I am so blessed to have very alert little kids who love to learn.  As part of my thrifty life style I think we have tried to take advantage of all the learning opportunities we can because more of those are free.  I think this has made me a bit biased when it comes to my children being smart.  I just hope to give them the best life they can have and teach them to live within their means and be happy there, Because that is what we are all searching for in this life, a little happiness as we struggle to make ends meet.
If you are interested in having this put on your blog, please send me an email.  They have an ad network so you can get paid for running them.  It is a great way to make a little extra cash on the side.  The network is by invitation only so if you are interested let me know the address to your site so I can forward it on to them.

Happy Anniversary!!!

Today is 4 years I have been married to a wonderful man!  He still treats me like gold.  We were so clueless what life had in store for us when we were married, but now 4 years later, I couldn't ask for a better husband or dad.  He is just my perfect match.  I can't wait to spend eternity with him.
We have had ups and downs in the last 4 years and lots and lots of fun moments.  He is the hardest working man I know and does all he can so I can stay home with the kids. He went to school full time during the day and worked in the evenings.  We have been blessed to have 2 kids and stay completely out of debt through his whole college career so far!  He is such a blessing for working so hard.
He is now graduated with his Bachelors and is getting ready to take the LSAT. Through it all he supports my thriftiness and sassiness!
Thanks for 4 wonderful years Babe!!!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Who Wants a Hair Cut

We decided it was time to cut Braxton's hair.  He gets so hot every summer and he is getting older.  So Matthew made me take the plunge and let him cut it.  Here is what happened.
Sitting in the chair
Trying to run but he is strapped in the chair
"I No Like IT!!!!!!"
With Reagan after getting dressed and feeling better.
The Damage.  you could make a wig out of all that hair.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Making Bread

Braxton and I have started making bread together, thanks to my mom for letting us borrow her bread machine! He loves it and so do I. I had to share some pictures of him watching the bread and a video of him while it is cooking. He does this every time and could just spend hours watching the bread as it cooks on the counter!

She's a mommy!!

or so she thinks!

Great Sunny Days!

We went on a family bike ride with my mom and brother and Matthew captured some great pictures. When we got there we ate some lunch and got out and Braxton had leaked all over his pants!!! So much for pull ups being absorbent! so we changed him into Reagans diaper which was all we had and let him run around without pants on!

Good thing it was warm outside.

We had so much fun playing soccer,

playing on the playground

and walking around. Hopefully we can do many more of these days in the future!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Braxton has never been one to sit under blankets! one morning right after he got up he asked me for a blanket. so I gave him one and he proceded to sit in his chair and put the blanket over him and get all cuddled up and was so cute!

Picture Overload!!!!

ok, so I downloaded all my pictures today off the camera. so here are a few highlights of the last little while!

Braxton loves PB and J, What kid doesn't?? he decided that his sandwich was a train oneday and did this for about 10 min as he said "choooo chooooo..."

Why Do kids Love Boxes so much???